Sell your engagement ring in Glasgow

Sell your engagement ring in Glasgow

You can also sell your engagement ring with PureBrilliant Diamonds: Meg Rennie is a renowned valuer and a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and also holds the GemA Diamond Grading Certification. With over 30 years experience in the trade, Meg can offer you expert advice and assistance with your piece.

If you are based in or around Glasgow and looking to sell your engagement ring – contact Meg for an evaluation:

07836 720 47

Your Diamond What Cut ?

Starting a search for a diamond is ¬†very daunting for anyone who hasn’t looked into all the possibilities.

Have a look here. This not intended to confuse !

or look here more interesting cuts to follow !



For Eternity



baguette ET

One of the most meaningful symbols used to represent the concept of eternity is an unending circle. What better way then to symbolize the eternal love a couple will share with one another than with a perfect circle of precious metal. Since the beauty of diamonds is also often associated with eternity,


Sometimes cost comes into this and 1/2 eternity rings also come into the frame.

advent2_25-a eternity