Are your Rubies Real?

Be wary of buying lead-glass filled gems especially when on holiday overseas.

Jewellery experts say the lab-created stones are as durable as genuine stones. But in a new warning on its website, the Gemological Institute of America says it’s “exceedingly worried” about the glass-filled stones. “Even some of the most basic solvents that you might find around the house, like bleach for instance… could potentially damage the filler in these stones… . And it’s not repairable once it’s been damaged”, said Shane McClure of the Gemological Institute.


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Record breaking jewellery sale at Sothebys

The Magnificent and Noble Jewels sale at Sotheby’s Geneva achieved £103 million; the most valuable jewellery auction ever.

A 8.72-carat cushion-cut pink diamond, believed to have once belonged to Napoleon I’s niece Princess Mathilde of Bonaparte and hidden away in a safe since the 1940s, sold for 14.81 million Swiss francs (£10.3 million).

Also in the sale were 17 items from the estate of Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe’

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Geologist discovers plant with expensive tastes!

Geologist Stephen E. Haggerty of Florida International University has discovered that the thorny, palm like plant – Pandanus candelabrum only likes to grow in the most expensive soil that contains diamonds.

Until recently, botanists didn’t pay much attention to this rare plant from West Africa either. But the discovery that P. candelabrum grows only over rock that may contain diamonds has vaulted the plant out of obscurity.

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