Your Diamond Needs TLC !

Do your much loved rings worn every day look a bit sad and weary.?  You clean your house wash your clothes
clean your car but do you ever give your most precious possession a good spring clean. Are your rings in need of some TLC ? Well wouldn’t you be if you hadn’t had a wash or clean in 6 months or even 6 years or more ?

A diamond will withstand lots of wear and tear but did you know that grease sticks to a diamond.?
Diamond has an affinity with grease. Well known fact. So you put hand cream on, bake with butter flour and fat, spay hair spray and you wonder why the sparkle has gone out of your diamond ?

A diamond needs light to create the sparkle and we consistently masked its true appearance.
Why not pop along to see me and give your ring a once over while you wait.

No 2

You have a box full of unworn rings probably belonged to a much loved granny.
Not quite sure what to do with them ? Although diamonds are the hardest material on earth sometimes the settings
need renewing.I can  create a sketch using the diamonds from an out of fashion ring and create a memory
you can hand down to the next generation.

Meg Rome F.G.A.
Private Jeweller

Services Include
: Sell Your Personal Jewellery
: Get Estimates to sell antique jewellery,
: Get Estimates to sell your old gold
: Jewellery Repairs.
Polish Redip White & yellow gold rings.
You will be amazed at the difference.
Remodel out of fashion rings using your own gold.
: Trade your old gold for a fabulous new diamond ring. for appointment call Meg 07836720477

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