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Understanding Values

Posted on June 26 2015

In trying to assess the value of your jewellery you may find the following of interest.

 A New Replacement Value.

This is  the price you would pay for your item in a retail situation. For example a Retail Jewellery shop situated on a High Street or modern shopping mall. In arriving at this price consider  the intrinsic value of a piece of jewellery, workmanship, labour costs and added tax (VAT) and add on the cost of keeping a High Street shop: fitting it, stocking it, staffing it and insuring it. So the High Street needs the 100% price to offer their customers choice and service.

The Sale Between Parties.

This value would be placed on a piece should you wish to make a private sale to an individual and would represent Circa 60% of the retail price. Offering the seller and buyer a fair price

Sale at Auction.

This price would normally be between 20% and 30% of the retail value. The buyer at auction pays up to 25% commission on the sale value and the seller also pays 25% or more. This limits the buyers buying power and the sellers final price. The benefit of an auction transaction is that it shows the market value on that day.

 Probate or Executry Value.

This is the price calculated at date of death and could be 20% or less of the retail value and given for estate valuation.

Selling Your Piece.

Before selling your item it is good to understand how values work and that is how the difference in values occurs.

But is  the retailer  making lots of profit. He is paying for big retail shop paying staff insurance and everything that goes with presenting you with a  fabulous choice of diamond rings in a fabulous environment and giving you the wonderful shopping experience. I aim to do that but with the help of modern communication ,methods & small overheads can offer best quality best style & fabulous value for my discerning clients.

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