Your Diamond Needs TLC !

Do your much loved rings worn every day look a bit sad and weary.?  You clean your house wash your clothes
clean your car but do you ever give your most precious possession a good spring clean. Are your rings in need of some TLC ? Well wouldn’t you be if you hadn’t had a wash or clean in 6 months or even 6 years or more ?

A diamond will withstand lots of wear and tear but did you know that grease sticks to a diamond.?
Diamond has an affinity with grease. Well known fact. So you put hand cream on, bake with butter flour and fat, spay hair spray and you wonder why the sparkle has gone out of your diamond ?

A diamond needs light to create the sparkle and we consistently masked its true appearance.
Why not pop along to see me and give your ring a once over while you wait.

No 2

You have a box full of unworn rings probably belonged to a much loved granny.
Not quite sure what to do with them ? Although diamonds are the hardest material on earth sometimes the settings
need renewing.I can  create a sketch using the diamonds from an out of fashion ring and create a memory
you can hand down to the next generation.

Meg Rome F.G.A.
Private Jeweller

Services Include
: Sell Your Personal Jewellery
: Get Estimates to sell antique jewellery,
: Get Estimates to sell your old gold
: Jewellery Repairs.
Polish Redip White & yellow gold rings.
You will be amazed at the difference.
Remodel out of fashion rings using your own gold.
: Trade your old gold for a fabulous new diamond ring. for appointment call Meg 07836720477

Visit me @GarrionBridges Antique Centre ML2 0RR


Services By Meg Rome F.G.A Private Jeweller

Services By Meg Rome F.G.A Private Jeweller

Meg Rome F.G.A.
Personal Jeweller

I have a shop unit within Garrion Bridges Antique & Shopping Centre.

You will find me just as you enter the Antique Centre through the main shopping area.

I am available by appointment times to suit but (nearly always ! )

Saturday and Sunday between 2 & 4 PM

Please always text to confirm to save you a wasted journey 07836720477

Services Include

Sell Your Personal Jewellery
Get a selling Quote

Jewellery Valuation
Estimates to Sell

Jewellery Repairs.
Clean Polish white & yellow gold gold rings. Re rhodium
You will be amazed at the difference.
Phone for quote
Remodel out of fashion rings using your own gold.
Or trade your old gold for a fabulous new diamond ring.

Buy Amazing Value Diamond rings pendants and earrings. At least half RRP

Full Ceritication


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Look Forward to seeing you ! Meg

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Services @ Garrion

Buy & sell diamonds and diamond jewellery

Vision_pureissSparkly Diamond

Buy modern diamond rings with full certification


Buy Fabulous Antique Rings


Trade or sell your unwanted gold and jewellery


1904 and 1932 US gold coins and antique man's pocket watches (sirca 1890-1910)

Remodel old out of fashion

pieces to bring them up to date 


Repair jewellery Restring pearls and bead necklaces
Valuation schedules for insurance with images
While you wait By Appointment

The Hope Spinel on sale by auction house Bonhams for the first time in 98 years.

A rare British-owned gemstone steeped in history and intrigue is expected to sell for in region of £150,000 to £200,000 after being offered for sale for the first time in 98 years.

The Hope Spinel was part of one of the world’s greatest gem collections until its owner – London banker Henry Philip Hope – died in 1839.

It has not been offered for sale since 1917 when it went for £1,060 – a staggering figure at the time.

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Autumn & Winter Jewellery trends for 2015/2016

In the 2015-2016 Fashion Week runway shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris, there were quite a few pieces that were recurring quite often. These included Chokers, Breastplate Necklaces, Brooches and interestingly, Antique/Vintage pieces.

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If YOU want to stay on trend this Winter check out my website, where you will find among other Antique pieces this beautiful Edwardian ring.


A late 19th Century ring set with 3 oval rubies.

Quirky new range of Scottish jewellery revealed

The dreaded midge, scourge of the Highlands is the unlikely star of the show in this new range of hand-made jewellery.

Ronnie and Lisa Robinson started off using dead midges to make bird feed, before coming up with the unusual idea of featuring them in jewellery.

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Photo via ScotlandNow

Understanding Values

In trying to assess the value of your jewellery you may find the following of interest.

 A New Replacement Value.

This is  the price you would pay for your item in a retail situation. For example a Retail Jewellery shop situated on a High Street or modern shopping mall. In arriving at this price consider  the intrinsic value of a piece of jewellery, workmanship, labour costs and added tax (VAT) and add on the cost of keeping a High Street shop: fitting it, stocking it, staffing it and insuring it. So the High Street needs the 100% price to offer their customers choice and service.

The Sale Between Parties.

This value would be placed on a piece should you wish to make a private sale to an individual and would represent Circa 60% of the retail price. Offering the seller and buyer a fair price

Sale at Auction.

This price would normally be between 20% and 30% of the retail value. The buyer at auction pays up to 25% commission on the sale value and the seller also pays 25% or more. This limits the buyers buying power and the sellers final price. The benefit of an auction transaction is that it shows the market value on that day.

 Probate or Executry Value.

This is the price calculated at date of death and could be 20% or less of the retail value and given for estate valuation.

Selling Your Piece.

Before selling your item it is good to understand how values work and that is how the difference in values occurs.

But is  the retailer  making lots of profit. He is paying for big retail shop paying staff insurance and everything that goes with presenting you with a  fabulous choice of diamond rings in a fabulous environment and giving you the wonderful shopping experience. I aim to do that but with the help of modern communication ,methods & small overheads can offer best quality best style & fabulous value for my discerning clients.

A glimpse inside the Duchess of Cambridge’s jewellery box

From Kate’s Royal engagement ring, a Ceylon sapphire ring created by former Crown Jeweller Garrard & Co, with 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding the twelve carat centre stone, all set in 18 carat white gold.
First belonging to Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana. To the magnificent Cartier Wedding Day Tiara lent to Kate by The Queen for her wedding day in 2011. Made by Cartier in 1936 and originally bought by King George VI for his wife The Queen Mother, the tiara is made up of 739 brilliant diamonds and 149 batons.

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The Cartier Wedding Day Tiara

Preview of the Top 10 Lots at Christie’s Important Jewels Sale

A stunning collection of Art Deco jewels is set to headline Christie’s sale of Important Jewels in New York on June 16th.

The top lot is an Art Deco diamond pendant necklace suspending a D-colour, internally flawless diamond of 16.24 carats that is estimated to sell for between $1.6 million and $2 million.

Read more about  the top lots and see the slideshow at :