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Before we can value a diamond we first must understand the grading criteria. One of nature’s phenomena, diamonds are graded according to 4 factors known as the 4C’s:

A carat is .20 of a gram and to understand the weight factor we divide a carat in 100 points so a ½ carat stone would be known as a 50 pointer. The size of a diamond is important, but bigger is not necessarily better. There are other factors that  have to be taken into account:

Absence of colour rates the highest.  Most diamonds contain traces of colour. The differences in colour grades are very minute and are graded under laboratory conditions. Highest colour is D grading down to K L M. Fancy colours also exist which command higher prices.

Diamonds are graded according to the inclusions present within the stone. Absence of inclusions allows light to be internally reflected, so will give a diamond a brighter appearance. The highest grade is IF- Internally Flawless grading down to I- Included grades.


Cut according to certain dimensions to allow total reflection of all the light entering the stone to be returned through the table facet, thus giving maximum sparkle. The cut of a stone is different from the style of cut. The styles are another factor to consider.

The 5th C to consider are Conflict Free Diamonds. The managing of mining and sale of diamonds to ensure the profits can help local communities.

The 6th C is Certification- Independent Certificates issued by leading world Gem Labs to guarantee you get what you pay for.